Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Babysitting Fun!

The week before Easter we got to spend four days with Johnnys sister Jill's kids. We had so much fun with these little Kiddaroos! They have three boys and a little girl and another little girl on the way this month! We are so excited! I must say they are they most well behaved and best kids I know! They make it easy watching them :) I love to spend time with these cut kids! Thanks Jill and Jared for letting us spend time with your darling family!

Brooklyn loving on Johnny! She kept getting really close to Johnnys face and would stare at him for the longest time then would hurry and kiss him! She is so dang cute and funny!

We took the little Kiddos to our Soccer Game and they loved watching uncle Johnny play!

Brookie Lou cheering for her uncle Johnny! She would say GO JOHNNY GO!

Robby watching uncle Johnny score a goal!

We won our first game! YAY!!!

Brookie Lou found uncle Johnnys hat

Brookie gettin low! She loves to dance with her baby!

Chase showing off his beautiful East egg!

Scotty too Hottie painting his egg very carefully

Robby is the best big brother I know! He is always concerned about the happiness of others before himself!

I couldnt get these kids to come in for dinner bacause they were loving the warmer weather! And I couldnt blame them :)

Brookie Lou and Johnny Boy flying down the driveway!

Brookie Lou sharing a favorite snack of Uncle Johnnys!

Brookie playing on a very sleepy Uncle Johnny

Brookie thought it was so funny Uncle Johnny fell asleep!

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McCall said...

Man, those Greaves genes are strong! you don't even have to wonder what your kid's are going to look like!