Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Honeymooners!

Here are some pics of our Honeymoon!!! We had so much fun! We went to PC (Park City) for two nights and then off to Playa Del Carmen we went!!! (Its right next to Cancun:) We stayed at the Riu Palace. It was beautiful! It was an all inclusive resort which was awesome! I ate french fries and the most delicious mexican ice cream for every meal and therefore am still trying to work off the 7 pounds I gained while our stay there :) What a pain! But i sure enjoyed eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 days straight! Wahoooooo!!!

Here is the view from our room.

Me and Johnny at one of the restaurants for dinner overlooking the ocean. Beeeeeauuuutifullll!!!

Dinner was so much fun every night. They had a bunch of different restaurants to choose from. Are favorite ended up being the Japanese Restaurant. The Desert was divine! They lighted it on fire and their was delicious ice cream inside. Divine!

We only made it to breakfast one time. . . Mostly because we slept in until Noon everyday. But it was delicious the one time that we did get to eat it!

We loved all the frozen drinks! We tried every single one! We were never sitting anywhere for more than five seconds with out someone coming to take our drink order! Whether it be by the pool, in the pool, in the court yard, in the lobby, or laying out by the ocean. They were awesome! Since they were free we were never empty handed! Our favorite we discovered was a Miami Vice! Delicioussssss! All thoooough the Margaritas were dang good too! Who am I kidding I loved them all! This also could have been an attribution to the 7 pound weight gain! Most definately! It was always a chore trying to get them because every time we asked for no alcohol we got the funniest and confused looks. They didn't understand how we could possibly not want Tequila :) Not today Holmmmes not today!.... Was always my response ;)

Ohhh the Ocean. . . How I love the ocean! I was meant to be a mermaid. . . I just know it!

We absolutely loved the Riu Palace! It is a 5 star all inclusive resort. It was done in a European theme. It had beautiful sculptures, paintings, chandeliers, pools, and fountains everywhere!

Oh the Night Life. . . They had different themes going on every night. To name a few their was a Vegas night(every room got $1500.00, in chips and their were five prizes. The winner ended up getting one week free stay at the Riu Palace! I wish I would of known and I would have been a little more conservative with my gambling :) They also had a mexican fiesta night. A Moulon Rouge night a Fair night with games and lots of others! They had bands playing everynight in the courtyard and a show in the theatre. We would usually go down and get a few frozen drinks and enjoy the music and watch a part of the show. One night we sat out on our balcony and listened to one of the bands playing. Oh and ordering room service was a usual night time reoccurrence. We usually ordered one of everything. . . Might be another reason I gained 7 pounds... I dont know :)

My little Johnny Boy just loved swimming in the pool! The pool was so pretty! It overlookd the ocean had many fountains and lounge chairs in the pool and was huge! Johnny is always doing some kind of crazy flips into the water. Their was a tall pool that spilled into another pool and Johnny did a gainer off it and scared me to death! He thinks im such a siss :)

We didnt go out side our Hotel except to the flea market down the street (Which we went their at least 4 times:) and off to Cozmel one day. We had to take a ferry over their and it was about a 35 minute boat ride. We rented a scooter their and went to some different beaches. It was lots of fun!

It wouldn't be a trip to Mexico without some bargaining of goods. I got this Bracelet for 2 Chicken Tacos and the earings for 2 Pepsi's. . . Let me explain. One night at our hotel their were tables set up from the local Flea Market Vendors and this kid said to me that he was starving and If I went and got two chicken Tacos for him and his buddy he would give me this bracelet. He showed me who his boss was and then told me to just slip the tacos under the table. Me and Johnny were laughing so hard but did as we were told. When we got back he gave the earings to me and asked for two Pepsi's. ha ha

When it came time to go home I hated it!!! But Johnny told me we could go get one more ice cream cone of that amazing Mexican Ice Cream before our shuttle came to take us away.

When we got back to Utah we got to stay at my parents house. . . We hadn't closed on our house before we left so we got to sleep at the parentals for 4 nights. But my cute Mom had decorated a room for us to come home too. My little Niece Sydni that is 3 had made us a candy bar poster. I have the greatest family!

And that about sums it up

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wedding Pics!!!

How to start. . . First of all I am so thankful for my Johnny Boy! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I cant imagine my life without my Shweeeeeetie love! Our wedding day was perfect in every way and am so glad its done and over with! We had so much fun and are so greatful for all our many blessings and most of all for each other! We went to Park City for two nights and then off to Cancun for five nights for our Honey Moon. The weather was perfect the whole time and I had a hard time coming back home to reality! When we got home we signed the papers for our first Home in Kaysville! We just love it. It is perfect for us and are excited to be homeowners! (I will post pics of the Honey Moon and the House and elaborate a little more:)