Friday, December 28, 2007


John, Blake, Skylar, Trace, Kale, Ashley, Crystal and Myself headed off to MAUI on December 17, 2007. We arrived at the LAX airport around 9:00am. Our flight to MAUI did not leave until 6:30pm. When we finally arrived in MAUI we were all so happy! We got our rental cars and headed to where we were staying. We got to our condo in KIHEI and then walked to the beach across the street. The WAVES were crashing on the shore and it was so pretty and peaceful. Soon after we all went to bed because we were exhausted. The next morning (Tuesday) we didn't waste any time we woke up and went to Snorkel Bobs and rented our snorkel gear! We went snorkeling at a beach near by and we saw lots of fish and coral and a cute lil TURTLE! Except he wasn't lil at all:) We went to an outdoor mall and went shopping. Blake loved all the shopping adventures we went on. . .:) The next day (Wednesday) we went exploring around the island. We went to a few beaches including one at the Sheraton Hotel. It was sooooooo so beautiful! They had a ROCK that you could jump off. Johnny impressed all the locals by doing a GAINER of the rock. The locals were doing what they called a SUICIDE. It looks so neat! Johnny was practicing them and got pretty good! Us girz laid out on the beautiful beach and played in the water. We all played volleyball and hit a few guests with the ball as well. . . whoops:) After we left their we went to a spot where we could Whale watch and saw a few! They were really far away but I could see the tale and the head come up as they swam. We went to LAHAINA where we ate at a pizza joint. They had a beautiful view of the ocean! It looked like diamonds. We then headed to Walmart and then back to the condo to swim and lounge around. We decided to do HANA the next day (Thursday). We got up and I made Traces favorite. . . BANANA PANCAKES. By the second batch I had them down and perfect! We then headed of to the Beautiful city of Hana. The road was very bendy and turny but I have never seen such a beautiful place! We made some stops and at one their was a waterfall the boys jumped off. Their was a cute little local girl that came and said to me "That waterfall is too big to fit in a house ya?" She was so cute! She watched the boys jump off the waterfall with me. The road to Hana took most of the day. We were all very tired by the time we got back. The boys BARBECUED a delicious meal for us! The next day (Friday) we went to the SWAP MEET. Me and Johnny later realized that the swap meet ripped us off. We found the same exact stuff at other stores for allot cheaper:) We went to the beach and then me and Johnny went to the post office and to a few shops along the way where Johhny boy bought a reary neat PLANT! Then we went to dinner and went back to the condo. That night everyone played games and I went to the beach to watch the waves. The next day (Saturday) was our last day their. :( Me and Johhny tried to go surfing but their were no waves. So we went and watched a surfing try out at a self propelled surf. Their was a little boy that was 11 that was better than everyone! It was really fun to watch! When we were leaving water was splashing over the sides and Johnny ran and right when he did a big wave came splashing over and he was soaked:) It was sooooo funny! When we met up with everyone else we went shopping and went to Lou Lou's and ate. We then headed to the beach and played VOLLEYBALL. Of course my team won....:) Which consisted of Johhny boy, Kale, Blake and Myself. We won Trace, Skylar, Ashley and Crystal three games in a row. We then went to the beach for the last time. I did not want to go home. . .:( The weather was PERFECT! And did not rain on us once! After the beach we went back to the condo where we swam and showered for the day. We got everything ready and packed up and went to the airport about 9:00pm. Their was a crazy lady checking our bags and she yelled at Skylar ha ha. Me and Johnny slept most of the flight. When we got back to UTAH their was SNOW everywhere and I was FREEZING! I was sad to come home but once i was here I realized how much I love Utah and the snow!