Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

It has been exactly one year since I went on my cruise and met some of the greatest friends I have toady and will always have! I just wanted to look back at what a great time cuz this is the first year I have not gone somewhere for spring break since my sophmore year of high school:( My friends Luke and Holly got married last friday. And I am happy to say they met on the cruise last year all thanks to me. Im the one that invited Holly so they would have not have met if it were not for the Sniggadu :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tagged by Ashley :)

I have been tagged by my bizo Ashely Yoneko aka rice child:) I have had lots of nicknames over the years. Mostly just a variation all stemming from one. . . Sniggaaaaaaa

Snigga: My Friend Brian McClellan aka Mac 10 gave me this nickname my junior year of High School because I thought I was black.

Snegro: The only black kid at Bountiful High Kez Cou started calling me this.

Snegro Leagues: Another random name some boys started calling me.

Sniggity Whack: One of my girlfriends from high school thought of this one. Thara Sweeeeet hee hee she used to say sniggity wiggity whack is on crack dont talk back she is in love with sam strack! hee hee

Sniggadeee: Another nick name from high school. My friend Celeste would call me this and still does!

Sniggadude/Sniggadu: My friend tyler one new years eve after we graduated was a little tipsy and started saying snigga dude your my favorite dude and he thought of a little song:) It has later been shortened just to sniggadu

Sniggerzz: This is one that I have been called since high school too.

Stacccccc: I have been called this for a long time but recently Jed Smedley aka Jibbers and John Robert Greaves aka My Johnny boy have brought this one back :)

Bling Bling: Some boys in St. George over spring break started calling me this.

Tazmanian Angel: My Papa gave me this nickname when I was a little girrrr cuz I was a wild one!

Sometimes I feel like Snigga is my real name. I have been called it by everybody I know! Inclunding my bishop, family, teachers, coworkers, customers I had at the bank and practically everyone that knows me! One Spring break I met some boys and they called me Bling Bling and they called my house asking for a Bling Bling and my Mom answered and said we have a Snigger but no bling bling:) I have even kissed boys and hung out with them for weeks and they dont know my real name! I have had a few say I feel really bad but I dont know your real name. hee hee