Saturday, April 25, 2009

Me and Johnny got to spend a week with his darling sister Ann's kids (Maddy, Mason and Larsen) while Ann and John were basqueing in the Jamaican sun with friends! I got to take the two boys up Skiing on Saturday and we had a blast! Johnny had to work that day and Maddy had a volleyball fiesta in Park City all day so it was just me and the boys! We had so much fun all week. Larsen the youngest who had just turned eight was getting baptised in a week and he told me I needed to wear appropiate clothing because at Robby's baptism(his cousin) I looked like a gangsta! ha ha ha! He told me I couldnt wear a hat either! .... First of all I was not wearing a hat and would never to a baptism! ha ha I told him I wasnt wearing a hat but he was sure I was! He is so funny and so full of it! I have never met a funnier 8 year old :)

Mason catching major air on his skis! He was awesome!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is coming

One of the first warm days we decided to play outside and saddle my brother in laws horses! It was good to be outside and not be freezing and playing with my cute nieces!

Hallie Jo Jo all bundled up!

Hallie trying to see Hunter the dog. She loves Hunter!

My sexy cowboy skater dude :)

Sydni in her high fashion outfit :)

Me showing how its done!

Abby girl happy as can be!

Love my valentine!

We had a very fun Valentines this year! Johnny gave me two cute hoodies and the most beautiful flowers! (Pictures of that is on my other camera so I will have to post later) I am so lucky to have such a thoughtfull and handsom husband! He does so much for me and I love him more than he will ever know!

Bro #2 is home!

My littlest brother Dustin came home from his mission in Alaska. It is so fun to see him all grown up and stuff! He thought it was warm...He came home early February and wore shorts the next day when it was still only 20 degrees outside. CRAZY! Were sure glad he's home and safe!

Johnny and sweet Hallie Jo Jo waiting in anticipation

I love this baby!

The kiddaroos with the posters for uncle Dustin!

Me and the Sidarooksie

Me and Aubrey Aka Bobbins

Me and the cute lil Hubs

And Elder Beyer is officially home! In Eskimo coats and all!

Where to start...

I have been a Major Major MAJOR Slacker! Johnny put all my pics on a cd so I will be doing a whole lot of catching up!

(This is my adorable Niece Hallie Jo she is the cutest baby ever The End)