Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well as you can see our Easter was pretty great! I have the greatest most thoughtfull hub a dubs! Johnny always knows just what to get me with out me having to tell him! He always thinks about me before himself and I love him more and more everyday! We had a very fun Easter over at my parents. My Mom always goes above and beyond in everything she ever does! She has an Easter egg hunt for both the kids and us older kids :) She puts money in the eggs so it gets pretty intense! My Johnny boy found the prize eggs last year and I think we came away with like a hundred and something dollars but this year my sister and her husband found all four prize eggs... cheaters! But thats ok we still got around fifty dollars so I cant complain :) She also has numbers in the eggs and she buys gift certificates that goes with the prizes. We got one to Cafe Rio, Barnes and Noble and my Favorite Keva Juice!

The Easter bunny filled my pink basket full of pretty pink things!

What a cute Easter Bunny that came to my house!

He also brought me a step but it was too big for the basket so he hid it in the bathroom.

That silly Easter Bunny hid Johnnys basket in the oven :)

Johnny just being cute on Easter :)

Me and Johnny posing before the Easter Egg Festivities begin

Hallie Jo just being the Cutest thing ever!

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McCall said...

I'm so jealous of all those cute pink things!