Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trampoline Fun!

This past Monday was such horrible weather and I was cooped up inside all day! YUCK!! As soon as it cleared up me and Johnny boy went out side and had some fun on the Trampoline! I love having someone as fun as My Johnny Boy!! He is always down to try anything and anything we do I always have the mostest of most fun!

Segways are the Bomb.com! Not Kidding!!

This past weekend Me and My Johnny Boy had the chance to cruise around on Segways!! It was the funnest dang thing ever! Our friend Chris rents them and he let us ride them. So funnnnn!! I couldn't get Johnny to leave! He was having so much fun going over curbs and rocks and anything else he could find :) One day I will own one and cruise around town on it everywhere! DJM (Dont Judge Me)

Salt Lake Beeeeeeezzzz Game

Me, Johnny boy, Trace and Carson went to a SLC Bees game a few weeks ago and it was so fun to get out and enjoy what little of nice weather we have had! The Bees of course won and the boys ate gross hot dogs and I ate lots of licorice so all in all it was a great game!!


About a month ago me and Johnny Boy got to watch his 3 cutest little nephews Robby, Scotland and Chase and little niece Brooklyn! They were so much fun and were so good the whole day for us! Johnny played and played with the little boys and I got to play with little Brooky! She is so sweet and such a good baby!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Cute Nieces

I have some of the cutest Nieces around! They make me laugh everyday! Abby is 6, Sydni is 3, Aubrey is 1 and hallie is aboout six weeks. My little niece Sydni especially cracks me up. She says the funniest stuff and is to say the least very SASSY! She also has the highest squeekiest voice. She sounds like a little mouse :) She loves her new baby sister Hallie Jo. She calls her Shweetie. It is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen. I will be holding Hallie Jo and she will come up and say Hi little Shweetie, you know your my little shweetie baby sister. Its is pretty cute :) And they all love Johnny! Whenever Sydni comes over which is pretty much everyday and Johnny isn't their she asks me "Where is your Johnny boy Stace?? Well call him and tell him to come pway wiff me and tell him I have new shoes."