Monday, December 29, 2008

Catch Up.....

I have been a MAJOR slacker... So I will be playing catch up for the next few days :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Festival of Trees

Me and My Johnny Boy went to the Festival of Trees with my sisters family and my parents to watch my little niece Sydni dance. She was so cute and did such a great job!

Here is me and Syd on the car ride their. We were so excited!

Sydni striking a pose getting ready to go on stage.

Johnny and Hallie Jo waiting to watch Sydni. Hallie is the cutest baby ever! She especially loves her uncle Johnny!

Sydni and Johnny after Sydni danced perfectly! Sydni loves Uncle Johnny too and doesnt want anything to do with anyone else when he is around not even with her favorite aunt Sniggadu!

Me and The Cute Hub a Dubs

Hallie Jo all bundled up and ready to go!