Tuesday, July 21, 2009

25 Whattttt??????

The dreaded 25 has come and gone and I guess it wasnt that bad. I really hate that I am getting so old and mature. Well not so much on the mature part but my hair is going very Gray. So I think that makes me very Mature. My Birthday was on a Friday and I took the day off work to have some Birfday fun with my hubby. Somehow I got roped into babysitting my baby niece Hallie Jo all weekend... I know right. I actually was very excited because I love that baby! We did manage to do some celebrating. Johnny got all our friends together for lunch at Joy Luck and suprised me! Since it was my Birfday I slept in till 11:30 (dont judge me) and needed to shower. Johnny kept telling me to hurry cuz we needed to leave at 11:45 and I said chill dude its my birthday and I want to leave at 1:00 so leave me alone. Little did I know that their was a room full of many of my favorite people ready to suprise me! Johnny managed to get me to hurry somewhat but I showed up with wet hair and looking all natural... It then made sense why he wanted me to hurry so bad. I just thought he was real hungry! We had a wonderful lunch with our friends and then headed right over to my sisters to start the baby sitting fun till that Sunday. This Birthday also marks the 1 year anniversary of getting my very sparkly ring! I love it just as much now as I did then! I love my cute Hubby and all the things he does for me! I dont know how I got such a thoughtfull hubs but I am sure glad I did!

Johnny Focussing on not dropping that delicous cold stone cake!

My present from the hubs! He knows what I like best:)

Hallie Jo loving on my Balloons

Hallie trying to wake up a very tired uncle Johnny

Uncle Johnny and Hallie mowed the lawn... Twice. Johnny really loves that John Dear!

Hallie in the new outfit we bought! She Just loved her flip flops and glasses.

Too cute! Johnny will be the best Daddy someday!

Hallie loves feeding the Goaties

I love this little bug!

Our goal while watching Hallie was to make her walk! She is so funny she will stand up and balance on her own but if you try and make her walk she just flips her arms back and fourth like she is dancing and laughs until she falls. Little sitnk bug! Although we didnt get her to walk she did take four steps! Good job baby girl!

Uncle Johnny hiding under the Tramp. Jo Jo thought it was so funny

Trying to see where that tricky unle Johnny is hiding!

Hallie loves her Uncle Johnny so much! He always takes good care of her and makes her smile more than anyone else!

Hallie seeing her Mom for the first time in three days. She gave her the look of death! It was pretty funny. She wanted to go right back to Unlce Johnny and wouldnt have much to do with the rest of us. Thanks Johnny and Hallie for making my birthday weekend so great! I wouldnt have wanted it any other way!


weston'smommy said...

I know how you feel I didn't want to turn 25 either. Your husband sounds like such a keeper. How sweet to plan a party for you.

Lincoln and Alisia said...

happy birthday girl! being 25 rocks!

Keva Kate said...

Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I saw where you said you love Keva Juice! Yay! Me too! Your little niece is super cute...I love those little glasses!

Happy late birthday! 25 is a good year (I'm not but a one - - okay, okay TWO -- years older than that.) I like your blog! Keep up the good writing!